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Getting down to earth

    Today I picked fresh arugula and basil from our garden.  Then, I tossed together a couple of home-grown tomatoes (heaven!) from the neighbor’s garden, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and linguine.  It was a satisfying summer meal, a nice reward after working in the dirt for a couple of hours. Earlier in the afternoon, I’d pulled on some lightweight … Continue reading

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Frothy goodness

Consider some of life’s frothy pleasures: a cappuccino, a properly poured lager, a hand-made milkshake, and the yeast for homemade bread. “You’ll know the yeast is good when you have froth, like a beer,” said my husband, our resident expert on bread-making.  “Bubbling isn’t good enough.” When my husband fell ill for a while, it … Continue reading

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