Happiness / Morning

Coffee and the morning show

Getting up early this morning meant a special treat: a brilliant orange and pink sunrise.  Sans coffee I fumbled through my bag to find my camera.  I squinted through my bleary morning eyeballs and chose the “dusk/dawn” setting.

Sunrise through the trees

Alas, my amateur camera didn’t capture that moment of morning glory.

By the time the coffee was done brewing, the moment had passed.  Plain gray and blues and yellows.  Lovely but not brilliant.

If it weren’t so cold (currently 20 degrees Fahrenheit), I would have sat on the back steps and enjoyed the sounds of the world stirring, the day unfurling its go-to-work colors.

It’s nice to wake up and feel at home.  For months after we first moved, I would wake up and think where the hell am I?  What am I doing here?  What have we done?  This second-guessing and self-doubt wore me down, exacerbating my homesickness.

Mornings like this one: a hot cup of coffee inside a warm and loving home, padding into my own office space to do something I love, the sounds of energetic little feet bounding down the hallway, getting ready to go to a job that I enjoy – all of this makes for the start of a great day!


What are your thoughts?

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