Networking Opportunity

As the newbies on the block (or inverted cul-de-sac), we were greeted with warm welcomes from several neighbors who came bearing plates of cookies. 

We have become close to our east neighbors.  Our toddler frequently invites himself over to their yard to play in their sandbox. 

We know our neighbors to the south of us.  Our rear property lines meet but sans barrier.  We can wander into their yard as they could wander into ours, if they so desired.  Not having a fence line is something that suburbanites are not used to.  In So Cal, everything has a fence or two or three around it.  The meanest empty lot of weeds and trash often has its own fence, protecting it from those do-gooders who might pick up that rubbish or squat on the property and plant a community garden.

My husband has met several of the other husbands in the neighborhood, especially while he was out in the yard appraising his tree-trimming or lawn-mowing skills.  I might have been jealous but figured my day would come.

It did.

I had no idea that having a yard sale would double as a social event!

Good stuff for cheap!

 This mega-sale last week was a three-household event held for two days. 

Thankfully, the neighbors came by with cash this time, as our customer traffic in general was rather low.

One lovely lady asked for a clipping of one of my (few) succulents that has survived the move and the first winter.  In turn, she brought me a little pot with a different type of succulent, the one that looks like  a green rose.

Another lovely neighbor chatted happily about all kinds of stuff but won me over by purchasing the TV we had for sale.   (Take it far away!)

There are still a few neighbors who have yet to make an appearance, but I’m sure that the time will come for us to converse.  I try to wave at people (as the local custom is) as I drive or walk by.  Half the time they wave back.  The other half, I pretend I was swatting a bug away from my face.

Overall, the yard sale was a success! 

I feel more welcomed in our new locale.  I also sold enough to have a small wad of dollars.   

Starbucks, anyone?



2 thoughts on “Networking Opportunity

  1. When I moved out of Southern Calif. it was weird to walk around Lake Chabot in the East Bay and have people say “Hi” and “Good morning” – my SC instincts told me this had to be some kind of setup.

    Different life style, ey?

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